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Neil Gaiman Author extraordinaire
William Gibson another extraordinary author
Ken MacLeod Scottish SF writer
Charlie Strouss SF writer and computer columnist
Patrick Nielsen Hayden TOR SF editor
Teresa Nielsen Hayden another editor
jwz hacker, bar owner
Joi Ito smart japanese business guy
Lawrence Lessig Stanford Law School Professor of Law
VitaminQ lists and trivia
Paul Krugman website Princeton economics professor, NY Times columnist
Brad DeLong U.C. Berkeley economics professor
Kevin Drum moderate lefty type
Matthew Yglesias lefty politics
Timothy Burke History professor at Swarthmore
banksy crazy graffiti
richlowe one of my many ex-pat Brit friends named richard
pabs lots of pablo, not much tron
Snow-Man owns snowman.net, where dash-dash.org lives :)
bma founding member of the dcaa