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50 Cent-Get Rich or Die Tryin'
7 Seconds-New Wind
7 Seconds-Skins, Brains, Guts, EP
7 Seconds-The Crew
A Chorus of Disapproval-Firm Standing Law
Against All Authority-24 Hour Roadside Resistance
American Nightmare-Background Music
Ani Difranco-Dilate
Ani Difranco-So Much Shouting So Much Laughter disc 2
Ani Difranco-Up Up Up Up Up Up
Anthrax-I'm the Man
Atreyu-Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses
Avail-Front Porch Stories
Avail-Live at Fireside Bowl
Avail-One Wrench
Bad Religion-80-85
Bad Religion-Generator
Bane-Give Blood
Beastie Boys-Check Your Head
Beastie Boys-Ill Communication
Beastie Boys-Licensed to Ill
Beastie Boys-Some Old Bullshit
Beastie Boys-The In Sound From Way Out
Better Than a Thousand-Just One
Bikini Kill-Reject All American
Black Flag-In My Head
Black Sabbath-We Sold Our Soul for Rock n Roll
Bllod for Blood-Outlaw Anthems
Blood for Blood-Revenge on Society
Bloodlet-Three Humid Nights in the Cypress Trees
Botch-An Anthology of Dead Ends
Botch-We Are the Romans
boysetsfire-After the Eulogy
boysetsfire-In Chrysalis
boysetsfire-Live for Today
boysetsfire-The Day the Sun Went Out
boysetsfire-Tomorrow Come Today
Brooke and John-We Are Everywhere
Brothers Keeper-Self-fulfilling Prophecy
Cable-Northern Failures
Candiria-300 Percent Density
Mussorgsky-Pictures at an Exhibition
Circus Lupus-Solid Brass
Circus Lupus-Super Genius
Clishmaclaver-Roots Entwined
Coalesce-There is Nothing New Under the Sun
Cocteau Twins-Treasure
Consolidated-Friendly Fascism
Converge-When Forever Comes Crashing
Cro-mags-Alpha Omega
Cypress Hill-Black Sunday
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill-Skull & Bones disc 1
Cypress Hill-Skull & Bones disc 2
D12-Devil's Night
Dag Nasty-Minority of One
Damnation AD-Misericordia
Damnation AD-No More Dreams of Happy Endings
Darkest Hour-So Sedated, So Secure
Desperate Measures-It's In Your Hands
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince-Rock the House
Don Caballero-Don Caballero 2
Downset-Do We Speak a Dead Language
Downset-Los Angeles Downset
Dr Octagon-Dr Octagonecologyst
Dropkick Murphys-Boys on the Docks
Dropkick Murphys-Sing Loud Sing Proud
Dropkick Murphys-The Gang's All Here
Dropkick Murphys-The Singles Collection: Volume 1 1996-1997
Dynamite Hack-Superfast
Eighteen Visions-The Best of
Endpoint-After Taste
Ensign-Direction of Things to Come
Ensign-Three Years, Two Months, Eleven Days
Frontline Assembly-State of Mind
Fugazi-Ft Reno 1997
Fugazi-The Argument
Giuseppe Verdi-Nabucco Disk 1 of 2
Giuseppe Verdi-Nabucco Disk 2 of 2
Goodie Mob-Soul Food
Goodie Mob-Still Standing
Government Issue-Best of Government Issue
Green Day-1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
Green Day-Dookie
Gusgus-Gusgus vs T World
H2O-Thicker Than Water
Harvest-Living With a God Complex
Helmet-Strap It On
Hi Fi and the Roadburners-Wine, Women and Sin
Hopesfall-No Wings to Speak Of
Hopesfall-The Satellite Years
Ignite-Past Our Means
Ignition-Complete Services
Insane Clown Posse-Bizzar
Insted-Bonds of Friendship
Integrity-Systems Overload
Into Another-Into Another
Invisibl Skratch Piklz-The Shiggar Fraggar Show
Iron Maiden-Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Janes Addiction-Nothing's Shocking
Jawbreaker-Whack and Blight
John Coltrane-Blue Train
Joy Division-Still
Joy Division-Substance
Juno Reactor-Odyssey
Krs-1-I Got Next
Let's Go Bowling-Music to Bowl By
Link Wray-Big City After Dark
Link Wray-Hillbilly Wolf: Missing Links Volume 1
Lords of the Underground-Here Comes the Lords
Madball-Demonstrating My Style
Marilyn Manson-Antichrist Superstar
Marilyn Manson-Portrait of an American Family
Marxman-33 Revolutions per Minute
Mary's Danish-Circa
Melvins-10 Songs
Metallica-...and Justice For All
Metallica-Master of Puppets
Method Man-Tical
Midnight Oil-Diesel and Dust
Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Skacore, the Devil and More
Ministry-In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up Live
Mouthpiece-What Was Said
Muddy Waters-The Best of Muddy Waters
Naked Agression-Bitter Youth
Naughty by Nature-Naughty by Nature
Neurosis-The Word as Law
New Bomb Turks-Information Highway Revisited
New Order-Lowlife
New Order-Movement
New Order-Power, Corruption, & Lies
New Order-Technique
Nomeansno-Betrayal, Fear, Anger, Hatred
Nomeansno-Oh Canaduh/New Age
Nora-Loser's Intuition
One King Down-God Loves Man Kills
Operation Ivy-69 Newport
Operation Ivy-East Bay EP
Operation Ivy-Lint, King of Ska
Operation Ivy-Lint Rides Again
Operation Ivy-Live at Gilman
Operation Ivy-Live at Gilman Demo
Operation Ivy-Plea for Peace
Operation Ivy-Radio Daze
Operation Ivy-Ramones EP
Operation Ivy-Rancid
Operation Ivy-Seedy
Operation Ivy-Sound System
Operation Ivy-Unreleased Energy
Orange 9mm-Orange 9mm
Outspoken-The Current
Patsy Cline-Best of
Patsy Cline-Patsy Cline: Live at the Cimarron Ballroom
Patsy Cline-Patsy Cline Sings Songs of Love
Paul Oakenfold-Tranceport
Pinhead Gunpowder-Goodbye Ellston Avenue
Pink Floyd-The Final Cut
Pixies-Trompe le Monde
Pornosonic-Pornosonic Unreleased 70s Porn Music
Primus-Pork Soda
Public Enemy-Fear of a Black Planet
Public Enemy-It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Public Enemy-Yo Bum Rush the Show
Rancid-Let's Go
Refused-Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent
REM-Automatic for the People
REM-Lifes Rich Pageant
Rimsky-korsakov-Borodin-Scheherazade Polovtsian Dances
Rise Against-The Unraveling
Rites of Spring-End on End
Run DMC-King of Rock
Run DMC-Raising Hell
Screeching Weasel-Pervo-Devo
Screeching Weasel-Wiggle
Shades Apart-Shades Apart
Shai Hulud-Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion
Shai Hulud-That Within Blood Ill-tempered
Sheer Terror-Love Songs for the Unloved
Shelter-Beyond Planet Earth
Shelter-When 20 Summers Pass
Shutdown-Against All Odds
Skewbald-Grand Union
Skinny Puppy-Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
Skinny Puppy-Too Dark Park
Skinny Puppy-VivisectVI
Sleater-kinney-All Hands on the Bad One
Sleater-kinney-Dig Me Out
Snapcase-Designs for Automotion
Snapcase-End Transmission
Snapcase-Progression Through Unlearning
Snapcase-Snapcase vs bsf
Social Distortion-Social Distortion
Squirrel Nut Zippers-Hot
Steeleye Span-Portfolio
Steeleye Span-Tempted and Tried
Strain-Here and Now
Strife-In This Defiance
Strife-One Truth
Striking Distance-March to Your Grave
Superchunk-Tossing Seeds Singles 89-91
Swiz-With Dave
The Bouncing Souls-The Good, the Bad, and the Argyle
The Cure-Disintegration
The Dead Milkmen-Bucky Fellini
The Jesus Lizard-Lash
The Pinkerton Thugs-End of an Era
The Police-Outlandos d'Amour
The Pursuit of Happiness-Love Junk
The Suicide Machines-Destruction by Definition
The Suicide Machines-Steal This Record
The Tallis Scholars-Lamenta
They Might Be Giants-Flood
They Might Be Giants-Lincoln
Thursday-Full Collapse
Tinsmith-Jigsaw Limited Edition
Uniform Choice-Screaming For Change
Various Artists-8 Mile
Various Artists-Chemical Reaction
Various Artists-Coalesce/bsf Split
Various Artists-Cyclop Media Goodfellow Record Sampler
Various Artists-Dillinger Escape Plan/Nora Split
Various Artists-Dischord 1981: The Year in Seven Inches
Various Artists-Epitaph Extreme Sounds
Various Artists-Extent Silver Five Inch Volume 2
Various Artists-Flex Your Head
Various Artists-Inflight Program
Various Artists-Land of Greed, World of Need
Various Artists-No Idea Fanzine Comp 11: Big Pants Waste Precious Fabric
Various Artists-One King Down/Spirit of Youth Split
Various Artists-Only the Strong
Various Artists-Only the Strong MCMXCIII
Various Artists-Outpunk Dance Party
Various Artists-Serial Killer Compilation
Various Artists-Shai Hulud/Another Victim: A Whole New Level of Sickness
Various Artists-Step on a Crack Vol 02
Various Artists-Streetwarz
Various Artists-Suburbia Soundtrack
Various Artists-The California Takeover Live
Various Artists-The Shady Aftermath Sampler
Various Artists-Thorpe Records Hard Working Music Vol 1
Various Artists-Victory: The Early Years
Various Artists-Virus 100
Various Artists-Voice of the Voiceless
Violent Femmes-Violent Femmes
Vision of Disorder-Vision of Disorder
Voodoo Glow Skulls-Who is This Is
Wall of Voodoo-Call of the West
Worlds Collide-All Hope Abandon
Worn Thin-Remaints of What Could Have Been
Worn Thin-Worn Thin
Wu-tang Clan-36 Chambers